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Big Clear Lake, Ontario



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About Big Clear Lake

Lake Clear is approximately 6 (9.6km) miles long and between 3/4 (1.2km) and 1 1/2 miles (2.4km) wide. The bottom structure is soft at the west end of the Lake with shallow weed growth. From the Island eastward the structure is mostly rocky with small sandy areas in the back bays. Wild rice and saw grass grow near the outlets and inner creek areas. There are 15 plus islands on Big Clear Lake some very large but yet some not large enough for some to considered an island. If there's rocks, tree's and greenery it's an island. Most of these islands are owned by the Government or considered crown land. There are a few islands privately owned and occupied. The largest of these islands on Big Clear Lake is Turner Island.

Big Clear Lake is in Arden, Ontario Big Clear Lake located in the Land O Lakes region of Frontenac County, in South Eastern Ontario. Big Clear Lake is known for it's wondrous scenery and remarkable fishing opportunities. From any major highway leading into Kingston take Hwy 38 north from Kingston. Turn down Perth Road, then down Salmon Road to access point Northeast on Big Salmon Lake P 491 m to Labelle Lake East through Labelle Lake P 190 m to Big Clear Lake

Fishing Big Clear Lake

Big Clear Lake is beautiful, peaceful, with spotless water. The shores of Clear Lake compliment sandy beach with swimming in excellent weed free waters. The clean, fresh waters of Lake Clear house a variety of game fish such as Bass, Walleye, Lake Trout, Musky, Pike, Perch, Sunfish sure to please anglers of every description. Children and adults alike enjoy fishing off the docks of Clear Lake fishing for pan fish such as rock bass, bluegill and yellow perch there easily caught from shore. This are in and around Clear Lake is also know for large game hunting species such as Moose, White tailed Deer, Black Bear. Big Clear Lake offers miles of wooded trails for nature enthusiasts.


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Big Clear Lake Visitor Comments

1.   I have been fishing Big Clear lake for about 12 years now and think it is one of the greatest fishing lakes in the Land O' Lakes Region. Although, the biggest Bass I ever caught on Big Clear Lake is only about 4.5lbs, the lake produces allot of quality 1-2lb Bass. I think over the years of fishing Big Clear regularly a couple dozen times a year, I have only been stumped a couple times. When I say stumped I do not mean I caught nothing, to me if you catch less than half a dozen fish, you are stumped. If I remember correctly the days I did only catch a few Bass, the weather was not in my favor. All in all I love Big Clear Lake and I will continue to keep fishing it for many years to come. I personally recommend Big Clear Lake to any fisherman who is looking for a day of fishing action and excitement.

John Cammelari

2.   I have only been to Big Clear Lake around 5-6 times now and each and every time I went, the fishing was nothing less that amazing. I can not say much about the Bass fishing on the lake, since I have never fished for Bass here, I prefer to go for the Pickerel, also called Walleye to some people. Mind you while fishing for Pickerel I did catch onto a nice little 3.5lb Large Mouth Bass, well I think it was a largemouth it could have been a small mouth. To me all the bass big or small mouth look the same :). All I can say for the pickerel fishing is, one simple word and that is WOW. I am telling you the Pickerel on Big Clear Lake are plentiful and very tasty. I would recommend Big Clear Lake for great Pickerel fishing action and really tasty fish. I can not wait for my next visit to Big Clear Lake.

Neil Armstrong (No...not the Astronaut  :) )


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